Maintenance & Performance Standards

The easiest way to hold your client accountable is to provide frameworks. Set a standard using metabolic, intensity, and corrective exercise calculation results for everyday maintenance. Allowing you to focus on increasing overall performance.

Recommendations include: 

  • Caloric Consumption – Energy need based on activity levels.
  • Protein Consumption – Dietary minimum and hypertrophy maximums
  • Target Heart Rate Zones - Set specific conditioning parameters
  • Corrective Exercise – Myo-fascial release, flexibility, and activation exercises
  • Muscular Imbalances – Overactive and underactive muscle groups


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  • Click on hyperlinked Corrective Exercises to view photos, guidelines, target areas, instructions, and equipment.
  • Cue for release specific overactive and underactive muscle groups after testing an overhead squat.
  • Make sure your clients are consuming adequate amounts of protein in their diets for optimal recovery.
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