Create Your Personal Profile

Users are considered Trainers, Coaches, or Educators. The user is responsible for adding their own primary profile as well as profiles for Clients, Athletes, or Students. 

Create Your Own Profile: 

The first time you login after setting up your account, you will create a profile for calculating, tracking, and viewing your own health and fitness progress. 


‣ Login in to your account with registered username and password

‣ Fill out profile information and add profile photo

‣ Select “Save” button and navigate to Assessment page


Sign Up > Login (only first time) > Create Profile 


  • Selecting “Primary”” status links this profile to your user account.
  • This is the same page you will first be filling out when creating a new client profile.
  • If you do not wish to create your own profile, select “Cancel” and navigate to “Profiles List”.
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