Health and Fitness Summary

Review your health and fitness resulting data first on the “Overview” page. This is a snap shot of your overall fitness and specifically features:

  • Scoreboard – Selecting a measurement navigates user to specific test
  • Progress Photos – View most recent progress photo comparison
  • Client Profile Checklist - Four action items to complete a client profile
  • Top 4 Assessments – Add, track, and view progress for top 5 assessments (use menu icon on right side to toggle assessments)
  • High Priority Metrics - List of assessments filtered by earliest date
  • Circumference - Recent metrics listed next to female/male body


‣ Select any profile in profile

‣ Click “Overview” link on Left-Side Navigation Column


Profile List > Overview



  • Use your mobile phone or tablet to take and update progress photos.
  • "Add Data" and "Edit Data" for multiple assessments on a single page.


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