Estimated One Repetition Maximum (1RM): Leg Press

Purpose: To measure estimated maximal strength based off of sub-maximal effort.

Equipment: Traditional horizontal leg press machine with plate loader

Procedure: Use appropriate warm up methods to activate agonist, antagonist, and synergist muscle groups prior to testing sub-maximal and maximal lifts. It should take minimally 5 testing sets to reach an appropriate relative intensities at under 35 total repetitions. At any point of failure, be sure to help re-rack the press for the participant.

Begin by sitting in a leg press machine with the test load safely racked in the starting position. The subject should place their feet on the leg press platform with heels about shoulder width apart and under knees. Instruct him or her to lift the weight off the rack, release the safety, and ready for the down phase of the movement. The subject should lower the load toward their gluteal muscles until their knees are just under 90 degrees before concentrically contracting leg muscles and extending the load back up. Instruct the subject to rack the weight safely before getting out of the machine. 

*If subject can not perform the exercise with proper technique, address muscular imbalances. Reference corrective exercise and muscular imbalance matrix in "Program"

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