Creating a Client Profile

The first page you’ll land on when you login is the Profile List.  On the top right hand corner of the screen is the Create Profile button.1a_-_Creating_a_Client_Profile_.png

The Create Profile screen has two sections - Profile Info and PAR-Q.  Profile Info is where you’ll add your Client’s information.  Gender, Birthday, and Height are required fields, as they will be used in many of the fitness assessments.


Email is an optional field.  If you enter their email address and select “Allow access to Client Profile” the system will automatically send your Client an email letting them know that you’ve created a Profile for them.  They will be invited to take ownership of their data by creating a secure password.

If you’re on a Gym or Enterprise account, you’ll also see a Staff field.  This is where you can assign which Trainer will be able to view and edit this Client Profile.  You can select as many Trainers as you like by checking the box next to their name. More information on this can be found in the Assigning Users to Profiles article.

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