Account Level Settings

The Account Administrator can create settings that apply to every User in the Account.  These settings can be accessed by clicking on the User name on the top right of the screen.  You will know if you’re the Account Administrator if there is an “(Admin)” immediately after your name.


The following are the settings that can be customized by the Account Administrator.

  • User Privileges:  There are three types of Users - Administrators, Supervisors, and Staff.  These settings define the type of activities each user type can perform.
  • Metrics ManagementThis screen allows you to hide assessments you’re not using.  This allows you to create a more streamlined interface for your Users.
  • Testing Management:  This screen allows you to create Standardized Fitness Tests.  
  • Results Interpretation:  This screen allows you to customize the text that shows up on Progress Reports.
  • Branding:  This screen allows you to change the Primary Color and Logo in order to match those of your business.
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