InBody Integration


  • You will need to register for a LookinBody Web Account so that you can sync your device's data to their cloud-based server. 
  • Complete the LookinBody API Request form so that you can integrate your TrainerMetrics account (Integration Name = TrainerMetrics).
  • TrainerMetrics Gym or Enterprise account. 

Collect LookinBody API Key:

  • Login to:
  • After logging into your Lookin Body Web account, click API-KEY and press 'Submit' to obtain the API access key.


  • Copy the key and save it in a notepad. 



Connect TrainerMetrics to LookinBody Web:

  • Login to your TrainerMetrics account:
  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations
  • For the Inbody Section only:
    • Check the box
    • Enter your LookinBody Web username as your 'API Username'
    • Paste your LookinBody Web API Key as your 'API Key'
    • The page will save automatically


Connecting TrainerMetrics Profile to LookinBody Web Profile:

  • Collect your InBody Client ID (typically your client's phone number) that you need to link to their TrainerMetrics Profile, and save to a notepad. 
  • Open your client's TrainerMetrics Profile and select 'Profile Info' from the left-side navigation. 
  • Enter your InBody Client ID into the 'InBody User Token' field, and select Save. 
  • Your InBody client data should sync to their TrainerMetrics profile within seconds or minutes. 

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