Step 1 - Pick your Assessments

As of August 2019, TrainerMetrics offers 72 different Assessments across 8 categories.  They can be used to quantify your Client’s current state, future goals, and progress in between.  You’re obviously not going to use all of these, so we’ve provided you with a quick way to pick your Assessments based on your Client’s needs. 


Select Testing from the sidebar menu on the left.  You’ll see 5 tabs at the top with generic names like Cardiovascular, Performance, and others.  These are all Fitness Test templates that include a group of Assessments you might want to use for each Client Type.  Don’t worry! These Fitness Tests are only suggestions and you can create and edit Custom Fitness Tests for each Client.


To create a  Custom Fitness Test select a tab and then select Update Metrics.  This will pull up a list of all the Assessments. From there all you need to do is select which Assessments you’d like to use for that Client.  It’s a good idea to Label this Fitness Test something specific for your Client. If you look at the User Guide Example sample, you’ll see that I trimmed the list down to the Assessments that have the most pre-populated data.


If you’re on a Gym or Enterprise account, it’s very likely that Standardized Fitness Tests have already been created for you.  If your account administrator has granted you User Privileges you’ll be able to create Custom Fitness Tests for your Client, and you can update it as your Client’s goals evolve over time.

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