Step 4 - Applying The Data - The Program Screen

The Program Screen has three different tabs: Metabolic, Mobility, and Strength.


The Metabolic tab displays Caloric Recommendation, Protein Recommendation, and Target Heart Rate Zones.  Caloric Recommendation is important to share with your Clients because it demonstrates the importance of activity frequency.  Target Heart Rate Zones are important to share with your Clients so they better understand the level of intensity you’d like them to achieve either during sessions or while exercising on their own.


The Mobility tab is based on NASM’s Overhead Squat Assessment.  Correcting biomechanical imbalance is important for injury prevention and is also a quick win the Trainer can provide for each Client.  

The Corrective Exercise list is composed of hyperlinks that will provide you with guidelines and instructions for each Exercise.

Additionally, a report of all suggested Corrective Exercises can be printed from the Report Screen.  Just select the checkbox next to Category > Summary and Report Name > Corrective Exercise and click on Print.  This will produce a report you can give to your Clients so they can perform the exercises on their own.


Finally, the Strength tab provides you with percentages of 1 Rep Maximum you can apply to your Clients’ workouts. 

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