Step 2 - Adding Data - The Testing Screen

Select Testing from the sidebar menu on the left to pull up the Fitness Tests that have been assigned for your Client.  You’ll see that there are 5 tabs on the top, just below your Client’s information.  Some of these will be Standardized Fitness Tests created by your account administrators, and some of these might be Custom Fitness Tests you’ve created for a particular Client.


You do not need to enter data for every field when you Update Metrics.  Granted, some calculations require an updated Weight measurement to complete calculations, but otherwise you can enter whatever data you have available.

Also, if you’re entering historical data, make sure to update the Test Date!


There are a couple ways to capture and enter data.  

  • You can enter data directly into the fields on the screen and select either Save and Refresh or Save and Continue at the bottom.  
    • Save and Refresh will save the data and return you to the data screen.
    • Save and Continue will save the date and return you to the Overview screen.
  • You can also select Print > Progress Reports > Testing Card to print a paper form you can use to capture just the information you need.  The Testing Card has room for multiple sessions, and you can enter the data into the system later when you have time.
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