Hand Grip Dynamometry

Purpose: To measure estimated maximal hand grip strength based off of maximal effort. 

Equipment: Hand grip Dynamometer

Procedure: The hand grip dynamometer is the most accurate method of calculating hand-grip strength. 

  • The subject should stand for testing and can use either hand.
  • Adjust the grip bar so that the second joint on the fingers are bent to grip the handle of the dynamometer.
  • Have the subject hold the hand grip dynamometer parallel to the side of their body and elbow flexed at 90 degrees. Make sure the dynamometer is set to zero. 
  • Instruct him or her to squeeze the hand grip dynamometer as hard as possible (without holding their breath).
  • Record the grip strength in kilograms. Repeat the procedure using the opposite hand. 
  • Be sure to record a total of 3 s for sets for each hand. Take the highest of the three readings for each hand and add these two values (one from each hand together as the measure of hand grip strength).
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