Testing Frequency

“I wish I had my stats from when I started!”

- Too many clients

How many times has your client said this?  The most important time to perform a Fitness Test is when they first start working with you.  Just explain to them that this is an important step in designing a program that is customized for their needs and goals.  

It’s the same with an existing client.  Our customers have told us that their clients appreciate the attention to detail and the trainer’s concern that they’re delivering the right program for the client’s needs and goals.  

Maintenance clients appreciate Fitness Testing just as much as new clients.  The only difference between the two is that a new client wants to achieve new goals while a maintenance client wants to make sure they’re hitting the same goals.

After the initial Fitness Test, we recommend testing on a regular basis.  That's why we've introduced the concept of "Days Between Metrics".  Your accoung Admins can set a frequency of days for each metric to be updated.

Each time the number of days exceeds the number of Days Between Metrics you'll see an alert in your Profile List for "Profiles w/ Overdue Metrics."  This will remind you that there are Metrics to be gathered and which Profiles need those Metrics.


There is a balance to be achieved between training and testing.  Obviously, clients want to train as much as possible because that’s what they’re paying for.  Communicate to your clients that Fitness Tests are your way to monitor their training program to either identify and troubleshoot any issues or identify when they’re ready for a new phase of training.

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