Client Level Customization

Customized Fitness Tests can be created by selecting the Update Metrics button on the Testing screen.  Select which Fitness Test you'd like to customize and click on the "Update Metrics" button.  Please note that each User’s ability to create Custom Fitness Reports will depend on the User Privileges defined by the Account Admin.

From the screen that pops you up you can update the Label and which Assessments best match your Client’s current situation.  Scroll all the way down the list of assessments and click on the Save button to save your changes. 

When you return to the Testing screen you’ll see your Customized Fitness Test as a menu tab.  The Assessments included on the screen will also be limited to the Assessments you’ve selected.  This will help you enter data faster as you won’t need to scroll past Assessments you’re not using.

The Print button will allow you to quickly create Progress Reports and Testing Cards.  The Progress Reports will include only the Assessments you’ve selected, and the Testing Cards will provide you with a paper form you can use to record multiple days worth of Assessments.

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