YMCA Bench Press

Purpose: Evaluate the ability of the upper anterior chain muscle groups to sustain repeated contractions against resistance for an extended period of time or until failure.

Equipment: Bench, metronome (60 ticks/min), and 80lbs barbell (Male) or 35lbs barbell (Female)

Procedure: The participant must lay with their upper back and gluteal muscles flat on the bench. Coach should give the barbell to the participant and be able to aid at failure. The participant should have hands at shoulder width apart starting in the down position with barbell on chest and elbows flexed.

Every repetition should consist of complete elbow extension for the press. The descent of the barbell should remain controlled, touching the sternum for every repetition. The test is performed at 30 repetitions per minute until participant can’t keep cadence and or reaches muscular failure.  The score is calculated as the number of repetitions completed.

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