Max-Reps: Inverted Row

Purpose: Evaluate the ability of the upper posterior chain muscle groups to sustain repeated contractions against body weight resistance for an extended period of time or until failure.

Equipment: Horizontal bar (stationary)

Procedure: A horizontal Bar is mounted 30 inches above the ground (i.e. utilizing a squat rack). The participant must lie under the bar positioning their body so their sternum is directly beneath the bar. Their knees should be flexed at 90 degrees with feet flat on the floor. The participant must grip the bar directly outside of their shoulders.

The participant starts in the down position by locking out hips and elevating their upper and mid body off the ground by flexing their core. The subject will then keep their heels on the ground and begin pulling their body up until their sternum touches the bar. Return to down position until arms are fully extended before attempting another repetition.  The score is calculated as the number of repetitions completed.

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