Purpose: A measure of all body circumferences as well as inputs for Body Girth and Waist to Hip Ratio.

Equipment: Measuring tape

Procedure: (use measuring tape to measure the following)

  • Neck: circumference around the neck at a point below the larynx and perpendicular to the long axis of the neck. 
  • Shoulder: circumference around both left and right deltoid muscles and upper torso.
  • Chest: measurement taken with arms straight at sides, tape should pass under arms around back and after complete expiration. 
  • Waist: one inch above the navel or smallest circumference below the rib cage after complete expiration. 
  • Hip: largest circumference around the gluteal muscles with subjects heels together. 
  • Bicep: largest circumference around midpoint between the elbow and shoulder with arm extended in front of body and palm supinated
  • Forearm: largest circumference around forearm with arm extended in front of body and palm supinated
  • Thigh: largest circumference around the upper thigh below the gluteal fold.
  • Calf: largest circumference around calf, generally the midpoint between ankle and knee.
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