Movement Assessments (ACE): Hurdle Step

Purpose: Detect observable muscular deviations related to overactive and underactive skeletal muscle.

Equipment: (2) Chairs, 3’ of string, Dowel

Procedure: Attach a piece of string to each chair at a height that when the subject is flexing a single leg at 70 degrees, the string is directly underneath their foot. 

  • Begin by instructing the subject to stand directly behind the string (edges of toes should align perpendicularly) with both feet together.
  • Place the dowel on their upper trapezius and instruct the participant to hold on to each end in a back squat rack position.
  • Instruct the participant to load one leg and drive their opposite knee up by flexing their hip. The subject should then extend their hip out in front of the string (while keeping hip and knee inline) and touch their heal to the floor before returning the foot back to the starting position.

Each repetition should be performed slowly before switching legs.

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