Movement Screens (FMS): Rotary Stability

Purpose: The rotary stability movement evaluates pelvis, core, and shoulder girdle stability during a complex upper and lower extremity movement. This test demonstrates stabilization while performing in a transverse plane. 

Equipment: Screening Kit


  • Instruct the client to move into a quadruped position on the floor with a board between the hand and knees, making sure their feet perpendicular to the  floor. 
  • Be sure that his/her knees and feet are touching the board. 
  • Instruct the client to flex their shoulder while extending the same-side hip and knee, and then immediately bring elbow to knee while remaining directly over the board. 
  • Perform test on each side 3 times, if a score of 3 is not attained, instruct the client to perform the test using the opposite shoulder and knee.
  • Posterior Rocking Clearing Test - Instruct the client to assume quadruped position and then rock back and touching the gluteal muscles to their heels and the chest to thighs


0.  Pain is associated while performing the movement

1.  Incorrect diagonal repetition

2.  Correct diagonal repetition, diagonal limbs meet over the board, and without touching down touch the opposite side elbow and knee over the board

3.  Correct unilateral repetition, unilateral limbs aligned over board, and without touching down touch the same-side elbow and knee over the board

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